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January 2015



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Jan. 1st, 2015


I want to wish everyone a very HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!
Let us all welcome 2015 with happiness.
I wish that this year brings everyone happiness, success, and health.

Apr. 4th, 2013

(no subject)

Hi my name is Mira. I have been on livejournal since last year but I am posting an entry for first time. I love reading fics or novel in general but I am really bad at expressing myself or conveying my ideas through writing. Its as if the ideas just run away when sit down to write something or won't look as good on paper as I imagined them to be. This is one of the reasons I respect the authors who have patience to sit down and bring out their ideas on paper. I like to read not only hetero pairing but also Yaoi and gender bender. I cannot read fic which contain too much angst only but if it contains mixture of angst and other genre then I am all for reading it.
I like to listen to wide variety of music and it does not limit to only English and my mother tongue. Thats how I came to know about DBSK 3.5 years ago through "Rising Sun" song when I was looking for something else. Truthfully when I saw Jaejoong in that song for first time (the scene where he is standing in church), I thought this person is not real because he is too beautiful to be real (I know he would and any other guy would hate being called that but that's what my mind come up with at that moment). I love watching asian dramas and selected few animes as long as there are English subtitles. Well I was not lying when I mentioned above that I am terrible at expressing my ideas because right now I cannot think of anything else to write. So I will shut up for now and continue reading and appreciate the fics written by other authors